Monday, April 25, 2016

Chicken Tortilla Soup

This week's community soup was Chicken Tortilla Soup.
I based my recipe off of this one from the Pioneer Woman.  I like the way she cooks: casual and home-cook friendly, with no fear of butter and cream.  I don't cook that way myself, but I do think she gets most things right. I am, however, a bit suspicious whenever someone does absolutely everything and makes it look effortless.  She cooks, home-schools the kids, takes photographs, keeps the ranch hands fed, the dogs walked, and the community catered...I can barely get myself to work and get a garden planted.  I'm just saying, I am suspicious.

Anyway-- Her soup in a slow cooker looks easy and good.  I had to vary the method because I am making so much at a time.  12 quarts!  That's 2 large slow cookers full! I used th exact same ingredients as the recipe, just modified the method slightly. I actually sauteed the onions and peppers and added the spices and the chicken (perfectly poached in stock, and cut into bit-sized pieces).  Then I chilled this down in the fridge overnight.  The next day I added the other ingredients and put the soup into the slow cookers to heat.  I only did this so  a) I could give the onions and chicken a head start, and b) I wouldn't have the whole 12 quarts to try and cool down in the fridge.  This worked well to get the soup together and It heated in the slow cookers for about 4.5 hours before serving.

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